Shorelne Media Group: A Company Profile

Shoreline Media Group (SMG) is a Santa Monica, California-based Home Entertainment marketing and distribution company specializing in high-quality sports products including NASCAR, Indy, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, X-Games, automotive, extreme and more. SMG distributes into the direct-to-consumer and specialty retail channels.

The company focused its attention in 1999 to the soaring home video industry, as retail sales within this market soared to $27 billion annually. SMG trademarked Sports DVD Headquarters and targets a strong sports enthusiast demo. You can order SMG’s products via, as well as by calling 800-856-4266 24 hours, 7 days a week or at a variety of retail outlets in the United States and Canada. In stores, the products are primarily displayed in the Sports DVD Headquarters countertop and standing POP displays. A full advertising and public relations campaign is designed and executed by SMG to promote each product and/or product line to create brand awareness and reach the target customers via extensive print, television, internet, direct and event marketing.

SMG has developed a niche with sports and entertainment products, reaching specialized markets and by developing innovative packaging and targeted vertical marketing campaigns. Our business strategy is to partner with companies that own existing content, companies that can produce new content or corporations that are currently distributing product lines that would be appealing to the sports and entertainment enthusiast that we currently reach through our distribution channels.

SMG has an in-house fulfillment center that ships directly to the consumer, mom-and-pop stores and to distribution centers for the retail chains that carry our product lines. The company also provides warehousing, replication, distribution, fulfillment and customer service (800-616-4764) for its products and for other companies. In addition, SMG continues to produce content and executes promotional campaigns for a variety of large corporations.

For more information, please contact us at 310-582-8207.