padEndless Summer Revisited

The classic movie revisited!

In 1966, legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown created the first true extreme sports documentary with his surfing classic "Endless Summer." Combined with a brilliant grassroots marketing campaign and perhaps the greatest movie poster ever produced, Endless Summer was the originator to all the sports documentaries that have come ever since.

Together with son Dana, Bruce Brown retraces the making of the original movie in "Endless Summer Revisited," a documentary that provides surfing enthusiasts featuring never-before-seen footage from the original "The Endless Summer". With modern interviews and a perspective only time can provide, viewers can discover why the search for the perfect wave made for the perfect movie.


  • Modern interviews with surfing legends Robert August, Greg Noll and Dale Velzy.
  • Never-before-seen vintage footage that didn't make the original movie.
  • Classic scenes of Phil Edwards and Greg Noll at the Pipeline in Hawaii.
  • Rare home movie footage of a young Bruce Brown.
  • Edited and produced with the same care as the original.