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MLB: Ultimate Blooper Collection From 25 Years of This Week in Baseball

Major League Baseball Productions and Q Video present: The Ultimate Blooper Collection From 25 Years of This Week In Baseball.

This ultimate baseball bloopers collection will contain over 90 minutes of highlights from the wild and wacky world of baseball, including some special sections.

When Nature Attacks: Hi-jinx ensue when blizzards, windstorms and animals make their way into the confines of a ballpark.

When Player Pranks Work: There is plenty of downtime in baseball to plot, scheme and devise some great pranks. The results are often hilarious.

When Bloopers Go Good: With a little improvisational skill, sometimes a potential blunder can turn into an amazing highlight.

When The Mike is On: Over the years, both coaches and players have worn wireless microphones. Being able to "listen in" is where the fun begins.

When Bloopers Live In Infamy: A select few memorable moments will be remembered for what was supposed to happen, but didn't.

Expect the unexpected

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