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The 1979 NCAA Championship Game
25th Anniversary Edition

Everybody wanted it. Everybody was talking about it. And more people watched it unfold on national television than any college game before or since. On March 26, 1979, in the Special Events Center at the University of Utah, Magic Johnson squared off against Larry Bird for the first time. One year later, they would take their show to the NBA. But on this night the dream showdown between the two best players in the country was on college basketball’s grandest stage––the NCAA Championship game.

Indiana State, the lesser known school in the Hoosier State, came into the contest riding a 33-game winning streak thanks to the extraordinary skills of Bird. Johnson was just as impressive, with a strong supporting cast that included the
high flying Greg Kelser, hot shooting Terry Donnelly and the powerful Jay Vincent.

The great efforts and teamwork of Bird, Bobby Heaton, Carl Nix and the rest of the Sycamores kept the game competitive, but in the end it was Magic and the Spartans taking the game 75-64. The Magic-Bird duel is still as captivating today
as it was 25 years ago.

This DVD contains the complete 1979 Michigan State vs. Indiana State game, with coverage from NBC Sports, without commercial interruption, presented in full-screen (1.33:1) digital video. Chapter points on the DVD’s main menu allow
viewers to jump directly to the action, half by half. Now you can own the game that brought together Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for the first time and gave Michigan State the school’s first NCAA Championship.