For Immediate Release - May 22, 2003


-- New Partnership Aimed at Sales of Historic Speedway-themed DVD Entertainment Products --

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Created to provide generations of open wheel and motorsports fans with high-quality home entertainment products, Shoreline Media Group (SMG) and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions today announced a marketing agreement for the sales and distribution of home DVD and video products featuring the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The partnership, which will result in the release of its first title in July, will focus on the history of the legendary 2.5-mile track to create innovative new programming sold to consumers via both SMG's direct and specialty retail distribution system.

The new products will be produced by IMS Productions, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's broadcast production company. Developed exclusively for the home entertainment market, these special productions will feature a wide variety of Indianapolis 500-themed content and will incorporate the award-winning production, editing and soundtrack values that helped popularize the broadcasts of the Indianapolis 500 and Indy Racing League events.

Also announced today was the partnership's two-year production schedule that included the relationship's first release focusing on the revolutionary era of the 1960s. Currently entitled "Indianapolis 500: The 60's" the new production will include video highlights, special interviews and rare, never-before-seen archival footage of that special time in motorsports history. A second production, this one highlighting the revolutionary era of the 1970s, is scheduled for release in time for this year's Holiday season. At least two more productions are expected to be completed during the 2004 calendar year as part of this Legacy Series.

Based in Santa Monica, Calif., SMG will provide IMS Productions with marketing and distribution channels for Indianapolis 500 and Indianapolis Motor Speedway-related DVD products, in addition to providing sales support and a turn-key fulfillment system that incorporates design, packaging, marketing, duplication, product warehousing and order fulfillment via a special "800" number (800-856-4266) and e-commerce sales, including its website (

In a unique multi-tiered launch strategy, these high-quality products will initially be available only via direct sales and Internet sites before launching into specialty retail. Extensive national advertising featuring full-page, four-color print ads will accompany the launch of each title. Consumers will also have access to the IMS products via, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway internet sites, mailings, on-track promotions and, eventually, through direct sales at all IRL events.

"Our goal is to provide our fans with the opportunity to enjoy the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's historical heritage via this innovative program," said Fred Nation, IMS Executive Vice President of Communications. "We are very pleased to announce this innovative new relationship with Shoreline Media Group. Race fans can now build an entertainment library of Indy 500 DVD products that are unique in content and provide the highest level of quality."

"We are pleased and proud that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway had chosen SMG as an official partner in the sales of home entertainment products into the marketplace," added Jennifer Burns, CEO, Shoreline Media Group. "No other track in the world resonates with history or dramatic content as does the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We look forward to working with the Speedway and IMS Productions on creating exciting new entertainment products."

SMG is a Santa Monica, Calif.-based home entertainment corporation specializing in the marketing and distribution of a wide variety of sports, entertainment and automotive titles via direct and specialty retail distribution.

IMS Productions is a television production facility in business to communicate the emotion of the IRL through TV production, home video and promotional products and premiums for the sports' sponsors, tracks, teams and fans. IMS Productions has the exclusive rights holder of Indianapolis and IRL event footage.

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